2019 Appalachian Trail Hike

2019 Appalachian Trail Hike.

Zeland Mountain,  New Hampshire Ii turned out that I hiked the Appalachian Trail in several separate trips. I was not able to get an entire summer off from work for a through hike.
I started in Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia in the April 2018 and finished in the summer of 2019.

Every day on the Appalachian Trail is interesting, and it would take a whole book to recount every day. But here are a few days.

Hail Storm on Standing Indian Mountain. It was like hiking on marbles the next morning.

In North Carolina I was talking to Jo Lyn Miller who was hiking behind me. A Rattle Snake in the trail was coiled up and rattling its tail. I had almost stepped on it. The snake stayed right where it was. We went cautiously around it.

Hitch Hiking into mountain towns for resupply. Friendly people picked me up, but they did drive very fast down the mountain. Apparently it is the only way to drive if you live there and need to get somewhere in a hurry ?

Amazing Trail Magic in every state that the trail goes through.

I hiked with a number of great people on the trail during my hike. to many to list here. I started alone and finished alone. But no one hikes this trail alone. I received help at different times from many people. Members of my trail family and complete strangers who went out of their way to help.

There were plenty of Black Bears in the parks. I did not bother them and they did not bother me.

A number of big lightning storms and days and days of rain.

Getting out of the wet at Bears Den Hostel with many happy to be drying out hikers. Pizza & Ice-cream. Pancakes for breakfast.

Northern PA ate my shoes. Happy to get new shoes and a working cell phone at Pawling NY Garden Center, thanks to Loren "MICRO" for sending them.

Hurricane force winds going over MT. Madison. The wind blew us off our feet, to the ground. Happy to get down.

Wading streams in the hundred mile wilderness. Always happy to make it across.

Getting to the top of Katahdin. On a clear day, and seeing for miles in all directions.

In a way it is sad to finish, but I am already section hiking it again.

John at Zcliff, New Hampshire.

What you take on a Backpacking trip is what you live with. I recommend testing all new gear on day trips or overnights before setting out on a longer trip. Once on the trail you get into a routine. If you establish this on short trips, things usually go smoothly on longer ones.
My pack will hold everything with careful packing. Every item always goes in the same place in the pack.
Camping gear on the bottom. Things that I am not wearing in the middle. Rain gear on top.
Putting everything in the same place makes it easier to find things in the dark.

This is the gear that I used in 2019
There was a wide variety of weather during this time period and I did adjust my gear to fit the conditions.
The winter/Spring gear adds several pounds to my pack weight.
About the middle of May, I picked up my summer gear and mailed my winter gear home.
Food averaged a pound and a half a day. I would resupply about once a week and never carried more than ten pounds of food at a time.

Here is some of the gear I used on my 2019 AT hike.

ZPacks Arc Blast pack, trash compactor bag for a pack liner.

Tyvek ground cloth, 8' by 8' nylon tarp, 4 tent pegs, para cord, foam pad, sleeping bag, stuff sack.

Alcohol Stove, fuel bottle, titanium pot, cup, knife, spoon, matches , lighter.

Cuben fiber bear bag for food storage.

Sawyer squeeze filter, water scoop, two water bottles.

Head lamp, batteries, First aid kit, Compass , plastic match safe and matches, mosquitoes head net.

Trail running shoes,Dirty Girl Gators, 2 pair socks, underwear, tee shirt, long sleeve shirt, nylon shorts, nylon long pants,nylon belt.

Rain/wind jacket, insulated jacket, hat, gloves.

Mount Kathdin Maine



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