Canoeing and camping with Abenaki Outfitters & Guide Service

Spend some time paddling down quiet rivers and exploring beautiful lakes.

Canoeing by fort Ticonderoga

We start our canoe trips in June and they run through October 15.

Our half-day and all day trips, explore many different rivers lakes and streams in the Adirondacks and Vermont.

We have a variety of canoes for every purpose. Many of our canoes are great for beginners because they are so stable. And our twenty footers are a good choice for families with children.

Our half-day canoe trips on quite rivers and streams are a good introduction to canoeing.

Or spend the whole day. During our all day canoe trips we will take a break on shore for lunch and often spend some time hiking interesting forest trails.

We also guide canoe camping trips in the Adirondacks and Maine. These trips vary in length from several days to several weeks.

We travel past different wildlife habitats. We often see and hear a variety of birds including, waterfowl, shorebirds and upland birds. The wildlife we see depends on the time of day and the river or lake we are paddling on.

Each participant under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

No Canoe experience is necessary. Anyone with average upper-body strength can paddle a canoe.

having fun paddling the canoe.

All Photos on this page are from 07-31-2006 when Abenaki Outfitters worked with The Nature Conservancy in taking students from Green Across The Pacific on a trip to remove aquatic nuisance plants from the mouth of the La Chute River on Lake Champlain. Photos taken by Peter Lynch of Green Across The Pacific.

What you need to bring

Appropriate outdoor clothing for Canoeing.

We suggest that you dress in layers.
By dressing in layers you can adjust your clothing to stay comfortable throughout the tour.
Light quick-drying trousers or shorts.
Blue jeans are not recommended. Because the heavy cotton absorbs a lot of water and they take a long time to dry out.
A quick drying shirt.
Fleece or vest for warmth.
Jacket, or windbreaker for your top layer.
A pair of boots, shoes or sneakers you don't mind getting wet on lake shores and river banks.
I wear different footwear in canoes and Kayaks.
Canoes are open and my footwear will not catch on anything.
This gives me more choices.
I like my high top L.L.Bean Boats in cool weather. They are good in and out of the canoe.
My Gore-tex boots are OK but being lower cut it is easy to step into deeper water and get wet feet.
When it is hot I like river sandals in the canoe. But I will carry my boots to put on for any hiking.

Sun protection
Two guys enjoy paddling their canoe by the marsh.

Hat, sun glasses, sun screen.

Other useful items

2 Bottles of water
and or juice to drink
Water-proof camera

Cost of the half-day group trip is $80 per Person.
All day group trips are $120 per Person.

$10 Discount per person for groups of more than six people booked in advance.

Private trips are also available.

For Reservations
Call 802-897-7500

We recommend that you call well in advance to reserve your trip.
We usually are all out on tours during the day.
Please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we return.

Two girls paddling by the marsh.

Group size is limited to insure the quality of our trips.

We accept personal checks or cash for payment.
At this time we are not set up to take credit cards.


Please call us for cancellations and refunds.

Contact Us

By phone 802-897-7500
Please leave a message. We are usually out guiding a trip.

Loading canoes on the trailer after the trip.

By E-mail

By Mail

Abenaki Outfitters & Guide Service
P.O. Box 283
Shoreham, VT. 05770-0283

For safety we may limit, postpone or cancel a trip due to severe weather conditions.
All customers must sign a waiver of liability before participating in our outdoor activities.
At some times of the year (usually in the Fall) we are guiding extended trips,in Maine or the Adirondacks.
These paddling, hiking, hunting or fishing trips frequently are in areas, where even cell phones will not work.
Therefore we may not be able to reply until we return.

Here are a few more places that we paddle.

The Otter Creek in Vermont.

Great Blue Herons on the Otter Creek in Vermont

The Connecticut River

Looking down the Connecticut River.
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