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Moose Hunting in Maine.

Bull Moose, in Bancroft, Maine, during the rut.

Moose are the largest member of the deer family.
The moose in our area are the Eastern Canadian Moose. These large dark animals vary in color from dark brown to almost black in the body with lighter coloration in the legs. A large bull moose will stand six feet tall at the shoulder and can weight a little over a thousand pounds.
Moose like to feed early in the morning and in the evening. These are good times of day to look if you want to see a moose.
In the summer moose like to feed on aquatic vegetation in lakes and streams. These are good places to look for them.
In the winter moose browse on the twigs and bark of many woody plants such as Striped Maple {Moosewood}.

The breeding season starts in mid September and runs into October.
This is the best time to call moose. A traditional moose call can be made by rolling a piece of birch bark into a cone, and lacing it together with a piece of split spruce root. The hunter uses his voice to imitate the moose. The birch bark cone amplifies the call and gives it the right tone.

The dates for moose hunting seasons are set each year, and vary from year to year. The hunting seasons in Maine are during the months of September and October.

The State of Maine requires all moose hunters to wear an article of hunter orange clothing which is visible from all sides.
I like to wear scent free camouflage clothing when moose hunting. In Maine of course I add the Hunter Orange.

Maine manages the moose herd annually based on information gathered by wildlife biologists, moose hunter questionnaires and other sources. The number of moose to be harvested is determined for each wildlife management unit.
Moose hunting permits are available to hunters through a lottery system. Hunters need to send in their application each year for a chance at a permit.

Bull Moose, back at camp in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

We guide moose hunts in Maine in Wildlife Management District 11.

Cost of a Moose Hunt depends on location and length of hunt. Call for information.

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